FLEXCUBE User training

04 January 2001. I took a flight to Eastern Europe (Poland) for the first time. Little did I imagine it is going to be the first of the many trips I would make time and again to Eastern Europe.

I flew from Mumbai to Warsaw via Amsterdam by KLM airlines. I was going to Warsaw to conduct user training for one of the reputed American Multinational bank. … Read the rest

Digital Banking – What is it really?

by Surya Prasad, Director, bfsi consulting.

If you are a banker, techie, agent or most importantly a customer in BFSI Segment, I would take it for granted you must have heard the new buzz word … Read the rest

Al Deir at Petra Jordan

Globe (T)Rotting

by Surya Prasad, Director, bfsi consulting


Globe (T)Rotting!!??

Yeah, you read it right! What?

These days it is not a common sight, but years back in villages and small towns, a palmist going from house to house asking for alms and offering her insight into your future, used to be a notable sight. One such old palmist-lady told me 40 years ago that I will travel great distances by an airplane. That being not such a common thing those days, I thought, … Read the rest

My first Implementation

by Pradeep Singh Bisht, Consultant, bfsi consulting


This is my experience of implementing FCUBS (FLEXCUBE Universal Banking Software version 12.0.3) in a small upcoming Bank, Debub Global Bank, Ethiopia. I had some time back left Banking after a long innings of 14 years where I had a chance to see gamut of Retail and Corporate Banking products and Services. Wanting to try something new, different and challenging but related to Banking I got a chance to join bfsi consulting as a Consultant.

bfsi consulting, an Oracle Gold Partner started in 2007 by three industry experienced professionals. bfsi consulting was one of the Ist Oracle partners to single handedly implement Flexcube from start to finish.… Read the rest