productsWe live in a fast growing world and according to an infographics published by the World Bank there are still over 2.5 billion people who are unbanked. Their needs have to be met. This has led to the concept of Financial Inclusion or what we call it “Touching the unbanked” and it has opened a new spectrum of opportunities to banks and financial institutions. Since, it is not viable for the banks to have a brick and mortar infrastructure to serve this low-value high-volume demography the concept of multichannel agent banking comes in picture.

Multichannel agent banking expands the bank’s horizon and acts as the primary influence for the push the low income clientele needs. However, without the proper technology support, agency banking becomes a burdening task. bfsi consulting’s Egalite is the solution for the practical issues of agency banking and works towards touching the unbanked in a seamless fashion by providing access to real choices of appropriate products and quality services with real time data flow.

Egalite which means Equality in French is the ultimate solution to the problems faced in multichannel agent banking. It helps leverage opportunities offered right from a family-owned corner store, a post office to a well-established organized retailer, banks and financial services firms, and more. It equips the agents to expand the customer base at low costs and lets you look beyond the barriers and achieve excellence with simplicity.

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