A journey called life with bfsi consulting…

by Tanish Mathur, Consultant, bfsi consulting


“We do not remember days, we remember moments.” - Cesare Pavese

It was a normal humid day in Singapore & I was as usual thinking what I am doing here. Couple of times I have asked this question to myself & satisfied my inner conscience with answers like swiss bank, financial security & job in an exciting domain called investment banking. But something was missing & somewhere in my mind I know that.

And then I got a call…..not from God (remember one night in the call centre) but from B’lore.

I was part of a large Indian contingent who was working in so called white collar executive job in Singapore. Few months’ back I was trying to cope up with enormous challenges posed against me in two back-to-back core banking implementation projects. But somehow that challenge was a way of life & it taught a lot of things. Visa stamping, Immigration, International travel, importance & significance of passport are the few things which happened for the first time in life & gain prominence. Soon after all this I ended up with a lucrative job in Singapore & was struggling to find out where I was heading.

I had been approached for a Flexcube job in B’lore by bfsi software consulting for which my profile was submitted some days back. After couple of interviews I was in B’lore & within first week of joining I travelled to Kenya on a consulting assignment. And after that there was no looking back. In the last six years with bfsi consulting I travelled to more than 15 countries on different assignment & projects covering almost all aspects of core banking implementation.

As people tend to settle down in their career after initial years of struggle, there is another pressure which keeps on building more relevant in Indian context. This pressure is inevitable & in my opinion most stressful………societal pressure. Once you are somehow settled in your job than you are lined up for the typical life cycle which is being followed by 90% of Indians willingly or by force………

Job (good or bad doesn’t matter) >>> Marriage >>> Children >>> Own House >>> Second Children

As soon as I landed in B’lore it seems that everybody wants me to get married. This matter was hot for quite some time & the time has come to play the final cards. Soon the alliance was in place & I got married within one year of joining BFSI. Post marriage, time was quite eventful as I travelled to countries like Australia, Poland, Singapore, and Indonesia with my spouse managing different projects as an individual contributor.

Then in my fourth year with bfsi I was asked to lead Flexcube implementation project in Guyana. That project lasted for about a year & my wife conceived our first child in Guyana. Project was over & we travelled back. I committed to another project in Zambia awaiting delivery not the project one but delivery of our first child. My wife gave birth to Tanashvi & within 15 days, I travelled to Zambia to manage another project comparatively at a larger scale. Zambia project was over within 10 months & after returning from Zambia we moved to our own house which we had booked earlier.

Exhibit 1: Progression


As life moves on projects gets delivered, assignment gets completed & my child is getting ready to join her school……..play school.
So it’s not the six years I remember with bfsi consulting, but the moments…………

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