Main Benefits

Egalite – Setting Financial Inclusion in motion

Demystifying the need for brick and mortar structures, removing the fears of data loss and logistics in agency banking and creating a method to set financial inclusion in motion – that’s Egalite for you. Egalite is a fully empowered bank branch on your phone. With just the use of a smart phone, you can now surpass the hurdles that keep you away from realising your financial inclusion goals. If you are someone who has hesitated to leverage agency banking due to its various operational issues, Egalite helps you look beyond them. Egalite is an android based mobile application that effectively mobilizes agency banking. Right from a family owned corner store to a post office to organized retail outlets, Egalite can be easily operated by just anyone. You do not need hand held devices to perform banking transactions, nor do you have to worry about data control. By installing the application on a phone, your agent can perform all the banking functions including: customer enrolment, cash withdrawal and deposit, payments and remittances, deposit mobilization, loan disbursement & management and cash position management. Moreover Egalite connects to your central banking system on a real time basis which seamlessly integrates agents to your system.

With Egalite you can:

  • Slash the cost of reaching the unbanked sector
  • Empower your agency banking network and enjoy branchless banking
  • Overcome the inefficiencies and productivity issues of agency banking
  • Get real time data update and worry no more about loss of data
  • Monitor and align agent performance
  • Minimize risk of fraud

The Egalite Advantage:

  • Easy integration to any Core Banking Solution
  • Flexible to take ad-hoc requests
  • Real time data access
  • Multilingual platform
  • Cloud ready
  • Online and offline capability
  • Customizable application
  • Efficient planning tool for the agent
  • Biometric enabled
  • Data Security with user and device authentication, and SMS alerts

Egalite, which comes in with a combination of IT and mobile, acts as a powerful enabler of financial inclusion. Let the opportunity not wait anymore. Set things in motion with Egalite.