System Upgrade

Most business systems undergo upgrades or an ‘overhaul’ due to operational efficiency, opportunity to lower costs, changing business needs and technology. The challenge is to upgrade to the latest software version or additional module(s) of the existing version with minimal business disruption.

bfsi consulting has successfully catered to this critical transformational need of banks by adopting a business-driven approach. Our FLEXCUBE practitioners manage the upgrade journey by assessing the existing system setup, customization changes and map the training needs for new features. This is followed by mock data migrations and testing to complete the upgrade process.

Requirement Gathering and Gap Analysis

Right answers are found only when the right questions are asked. We are aware and sensitive to this. The BFS industry trend shows that eighty percent of requirements errors found in system testing are a result of incorrect assessment of the requirement, faulty collation of the facts or simply omitted requirements. The quality of the output is dependent on the quality of the inputs, sounds more correct in the context of Requirement Gathering and Gap Analysis, than any other. The primary measure of success of a software system is the degree to which it meets the purpose for which it was intended.

Broadly speaking, the requirement gathering for a software systems change/replacement/upgrade is the process of discovering and articulating that purpose. It starts with identifying stakeholders, their needs, and documenting these in a form that is amenable to analysis, communication and subsequent implementation. There are a number of inherent difficulties in this process. Stakeholders (including paying customers, users and developers) may be numerous and distributed. Their goals may vary and conflict and not be explicit, depending on their perspectives of the environment in which they work and the tasks they wish to accomplish.

Our vast experience in managing these challenges across different complexities enables us to help our clients to articulate the exact business specifications. We do this by engaging specialist Business Analysts, who not only have a deep product implementation expertise but complement it with requirement eliciting experience and strong documentation skills too.