Training & Education Services (TES)

It’s never just the machine, but the man behind the machine is more critical to keep it flying.

While bfsi consulting deploys its technology and implementation might supported by global experience, lack of sub-par user adoption is likely to be the weak link in the chain. We have identified this as the key cost and time intervention area. bfsi consuting’s TES is designed to maximise the client ROI on their investment.

Banking software implementations are expensive and complex activities. Only trained users can guarantee protection of investment in technology and enhance productivity.

Our training services are designed to cover bank’s training need arising from new software installation, staff expansion/turnover, new process adoption or an upgrade.

bfsi consulting provides a range of training solutions designed to help clients to maximise the return on their investment across CBS, DBS and other relevant critical domains. These include:

  • Core team training in projects, under ‘train-the-trainer’ approach.
  • Generic end-user training (for daily operations)
  • Customized training after evaluation of requirements and aligning the training to banks business processes and skill level of staff
  • Technical training for bank support staff

During and after successful rollouts, our consultants will work closely with clients to maximise their ROI vis-à-vis the new system implementation.

Bespoke training

Even though a particular version CBS offers same features when implemented, no two banks have similar business processes. Also, since the processes have to adapt to market dynamics, overtime banks realise that a number of their original processes have changed but the manner in which their staff use CBS is still as it was when initially implemented resulting in lesser productivity and sub-optimal customer responsiveness.

bfsi Consulting creates bespoke CBS training modules, which helps the client staff leverage the knowledge and familiarity with the existing system. These training modules are largely instructor-led and best suited for Greenfield Implementation and Legacy Replacement Projects.

Customized training manuals

CBS user manuals are normally, provided by software vendors to the clients. These are rich in content, but more often than not clients are unable to use it as working guides.

Our experienced consultants possess critical product and domain knowledge. This enables them to develop simple to use yet rich in content user manuals, in an optimal time frame. These are anchored in the business process flow perspective instead of the prevalent product screen perspective. These training manuals used in combination with bespoke training, help the banks maximise the CBS ROI while enhancing the user morale and retention.